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Recommended resources

Here’s a library of sorts, with recommended reading in the realm of books, blogs, journals, magazines, articles, whatever, on all sorts of computing topics. (Currently offline for revisions.) Any code samples I post here I also upload to github repos. Additionally, for fun and no profit I have a Spotify playlist for getting in the programming mood if you’d like to check that out.

The about section

A thought experiment in creatures of code. Humans like to humanize things: how do we plan to interact with increasingly complex software, and how is it going to interact with “us”? This is an experiment in looking deep into the eyes of the Other. I’m interested in odd objects as art forms; in strange shapes not quite illuminated; in the moral agency and patiency of the MACHINE; in the folklore of intelligent software; in the role of intelligent systems in the future of Mankind both abroad and on earth.

A daemon called Leigh

I’m currently a senior software engineer doing a little bit of everything at a small company in a big city.

I am also a grad school dropout (ha ha).

The boring stuff

Candycoded abroad.

Privacy and disclosure. Nothing here is sponsored. I don’t have any kind of advertising enabled. I don’t integrate with social media so Facebook or Google or Twitter or whomever isn’t getting your info from my links. None of my links are affiliated; if I’m recommending a product it’s because I have personally gotten value of it, I am not compensated for it, and I don’t collect any data on which links are clicked (I make no claims on what the outgoing party does).

Disclaimer on fitness of purpose, reuse policy, etc. I make no claims about the fitness of purpose for any code samples or information. All of my code samples are free and open source under the MIT license. Change the copyright tag to 2016 – 2019. Everything else I provide, graphics or charts or text or other multimedia, is offered under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license.

Contact me

More? More? Let me know if something isn’t clear, if there’s something you’d like to see here. You can address queries to leigh.leigh. This is my low-tech way of ditching spam. The aforementioned username resides Sometimes commenting on entries actually works. Sometimes wordpress (yes I’m still using wordpress, what kind of dev am I anyway) thinks comments are spam and throws a 404. It’s a tricky business. Good luck.