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Recommended resources

Here’s a library of sorts, with recommended reading in the realm of books, blogs, journals, magazines, articles, whatever, on all sorts of computing topics. Any code samples I post here I also upload to github repos. Additionally, for fun and no profit I have a Spotify playlist for getting in the programming mood if you’d like to check that out.

The about section

A daemon called Jax. I am a 30-something software developer in the American southwest. By day I grow and prune code mostly of the .net MVC variety. In the past I’ve also worked as a freelance front-end developer, though I don’t do much of that these days. I am also a computer science graduate student, studying artificial intelligence one algorithm at a time, and trying not to have a breakdown about it. In my spare time I spend as little time near the computer as possible: I run marathons, I run a lot of trails and go on backpacking/camping trips with my dog, I go backpacking & hosteling & hiking in places that aren’t Texas, I garden, I read, I write, I hack together wood, I take photos, I sketch and paint, and so on and so forth. I like craft beer (even better in Ireland), waffles, good company, and asking “what if.”

A thought experiment in creatures of code. Humans like to humanize things: how do we plan to interact with increasingly complex software, and how is it going to interact with “us”? This is an experiment in looking deep into the eyes of the Other. I’m interested in odd objects as art forms; in strange shapes not quite illuminated; in the moral agency and patiency of the MACHINE; in the folklore of intelligent software; in the role of intelligent systems in the future of Mankind both abroad and on earth.

It’s not all cyberpunky. As we all know, life as a developer is a lot more like Dilbert than anything else. In real life I am often trying to bridge the information gap between technical concepts and nontechnical people; and then again between my humble brain and the more advanced creatures known as professors; so why not get a little practice on a blog? After all, I’m a fountain of words in the shape of a girl (with apologies to Bj√∂rk). Let me know if something isn’t clear, if there’s something you’d like to see here. You can address queries to esper. (This is my low-tech way of ditching spam. The aforementioned username resides And sometimes commenting on entries actually works. Sometimes wordpress thinks comments are spam and throws a 404. It’s a tricky business. Good luck.


When not coding or writing, I’m almost certainly following behind my dog on a trail somewhere