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Posted on May 11th, 2017 @ 6:27 pm

AI Predicts Heart Attacks and Strokes More Accurately Than Standard Doctor’s Method” – Even considering the flaws of the article pointed out by commenters, this is an interesting technology and certainly something that AI can be a great asset with. Medical diagnosis is one of the big topics in AI research, and while not an area that I’m personally interested in working on, probably one of the most useful.

New ad technology can track people’s mood and gender” – ): I hope I didn’t pass by one of these when I was in Dublin. A new way to violate privacy, if not in its original application here then definitely by what this software could be used for, even with only a little bit of extension: after all, Google and other companies regularly collect data about us and use it for tailored advertising; now they could add far more intimate data to the bin, say, information about facial expressions and features that indicates “engaged” or “disinterested.”

Pokemon Go players are happier, friendlier, study finds” – One of my favorite things about Pokemon Go is how social it is. Especially at its initial release, it’s amazing how many strangers I’ve ended up talking to casually in restaurants or around the neighborhood. There’s an active club around here that goes regularly on group Pokemon hunts at parks and then goes out to eat together afterward. So it’s not a surprise at all to me that this study has found evidence for a quantifiable, positive social experience for people playing Pokemon Go despite the horror stories in the news.

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